Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. Though not happy that I’m still up at this wee hour of the morning cramming, I’m happy about the reason. Read: moolah.
2. Shawarma. Every blogger/writer knows how writing could trigger hunger pangs.
3. Thankful for a thoughtful husband. He brought home No. 2 for me as his pasalubong.
4. Great, great, great August for the business.
5. Ashley’s constant weight gain for the past few months. She’s getting heavier and heavier and heavier and so “malikot” these past few days.
6. Asher’s exceptional test results in Reading and Filipino. You deserve your Speed Stacks reward, son.
7. Husband’s 2-day vacation leave on Thursday and Friday. Long weekend and long family bonding days again. Hooray!

My Little Musician?

The recently downloaded applications in the iPad are the following:

1. Drum Set Free

2. Piano Free

3. Guitar Free

Asher requested that we download them.  Don’t ask me why because I’m surprised myself what has gotten to him that he suddenly had an interest with these musical instruments.  I have no qualms about it though since 1) they’re all free and 2) they are better to get engrossed with other than non-educational apps or youtube videos that are senseless.  I wonder if this is the beginning of a deeper fascination.  Do I prepare myself (and my wallet) already for questions like “Mommy, can you buy me a , please? Or a drum set? How about a keyboard? Or perhaps, a yamaha bb clarinet mouthpieces at guitar center looks more interesting, can I have it please? ”  Looks like we’ll have a little musician soon, huh?

Get Ready to Receive Oktoberfest Party Invites

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Music Resource

When it comes to the latest in music, my preschooler is more updated than me.  He goes home from school humming or singing an unfamiliar tune which he would say he heard it from his classmates.  Then you would hear him singing it more frequently and later on he would exclaim that it’s his new favorite song.  The next thing he’s doing, he asks me to search for the music video in Youtube and play it over and over again until I become so acquainted with the song and finding myself later on singing the whole song!  Sometimes he would even wonder how it’s played on the guitar or piano.  Looks like I’ll be having someone to buy a guitar and pro tools 9 at musicians friend for in the future.  I wonder what’s his new favorite song will be..or should I say the next song that I’d be acquainted with. 

Fantasy Craft Room

Pinterest has become a daily habit for me.  Well, for one, it has been a sort of my “go-to” resource whenever I look for craft ideas and inspiration for my hair bow business.   Second, it has become a source of enchantment especially when I browse and repin craft room ideas.  Believe me, I have liked and sighed out “ooohs and aahhs” a thousand times already because I’ve seen so many craft havens that’s literally a “heaven” for a crafter like me.  I want one that has plenty of organizers, drawers, closets painted in white and most importantly a spacious working area.  Something similar like this except that I want a regular modern lighting because the one in the picture looks like it isn’t energy saving and therefore not cost-effective.  I’ll have a craft room like this some day, I’m claiming it.

Love this craft room but that spider light has got to go

Pin URL:

Wednesday Happy Thoughts (on a Thursday)

It’s been a while since I did this.  I’m, unfortunately, not having a good night the reason of which I’ll not elaborate anymore but to ward the bad vibes away, I’ll just think of these happy thoughts.

1.) More and more sales are pouring in and business is doing good.  Hooray!

2.) Thankful for a productive and efficient assistant.  Productivity has significantly increased she came.

3.) Ashley’s new and cute antics.  She is learning new words and I love how she’s been so loud and talkative each day.

4.) Asher’s study habits.  I’m happy and proud that he’s doing great and enjoying school everyday.

5.) Siomai.  My comfort food and it’s more special because the husband brought it home for me as a “pasalubong”.  A new dress would be nice as a gift but I a comfort food of mine is way much better.

A Dream for Dainty Ashley

Truth be told, I am swimming with so many plans, dreams, ideas and goals for my little thriving business and online store, Dainty Ashley. But like everything when it comes to a mom’s life, family comes first – all the time. If I can have an extra pair of hands or an additional 24 hours to a week, I would. For now, I am focusing on doing products – sales have been very good. Bazaars are in Dainty Ashley’s very near future too. I am scouting for a design online to serve as my peg for our booth’s design. As an online business store owner, I know that visual presentation sometimes are more than enough to close and make a sale. I need to present my products the best way I can. I dream of product shoots, visual merchandising, product layout design and styling for the years hared.

Musical Dreams

I noticed that musical-themed TV series and movies are popular right now. There is Glee, the TV series and Pitch Perfect, the movie. Then there are even reality TV shows based on music! There’s X-Factor, the Voice and American Idol. It makes me realize how music brings us all together. It truly is a language understood by all. Watching these shows sometimes make me want to learn how to play a lyre, even!