Music Lover Ashley

Ashley absolutely loves music the way her Kuya does.  Whenever she hears upbeat and fast songs, she moves her head and sways her body while waving her hand endlessly to the beat.  Or she moves gracefully side to side.  That’s her way of dancing.   Her favorite dance songs at the moment are mostly Hi-5 songs and What Does the Fox Say.  Well, basically, these are the songs that she frequently hears from her Kuya.  In fact, I posted a video of her on my Facebook where she “danced” to Hi-5’s Amazing song.   I’ll see if I can upload it here one of these days.  I hope she continues to be interested and grows up loving Music.  I wouldn’t mind buying her instruments and other stuff like Bose headphones just to nurture for this fun interest.


I’ve been tremendously down the past few days.  Problems seemed to surface one after the another leaving me so exhausted and sleepless for several nights.  But as they say life just goes on and these problems are comparable to a washing machine.  Problems twist us, spin us, squeeze us and knock us around.  But in the end, we come out cleaner, shinier and way better than we were.

Problems are inevitable that’s why we just always have to remember to be a “hammer”.  Not the one we see in a Reid Supply hardware but that powerful tool so we can just see every problem as a nail…everything comes with a solution.

His Christmas Wish List

My 5-year-old son prepared his Christmas wish list early. It gave him ample time to really think about the things he’d want to receive from Santa this year.  It was not a surprise he came up with a very long list.  There were exactly 15 items in his list.  Among them are Lego, Transformer robots, a trip to Baguio, clothes, books, a violin, drum set and classic keyboard cases at Musicians Friend.  I love how the list was so diverse but from the looks of it, he seemed more inclined to receive music-related stuff.

Godaddy Discount Code Alert

It’s that time of the year when I have to renew 2 of my personal domains.  So glad to have “googled” first and stumbled upon a great Godaddy discount code deal from 

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Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping is always outrageously fun. Whether it’s your first time or your one hundredth time, every camping experience never cease to bring out an adventure worth cherishing that will last a lifetime. Never mind the discomforts it brings like no comfortable mattress from to sleep on, no fridge to cool one’s drinks, no cozy couch to relax on, no TV or gadgets for entertainment, no comfortable comfort rooms to relieve one’s self…but the experience of camping in the woods, by the lake or even just in a backyard on a starry, cold night gives a different high especially when done with friends.

Personalized Watch from Artscow

I bought a customized watch from Artscow recently. For such a reasonable price, I’m really satisfied by its pleasant appeal and quality. Its adjustable stainless steel Italian charm links perfectly fit my thin wrist as it’s adjustable. But more than this, what I love about this watch is my kids’ picture on it. This reminds me that amidst my busy schedule with my online works, spending quality time with them should be my utmost priority. This personalized watch is truly a great reminder that family time should be treated more precious over any other material things even over gold or millions of money.

Should you be interested to order a customized Artscow watch, here are the specifications:
* The watch links can be exchanged with other medium size (9mm) italian charms.
* All our watches are brand new and are using Japanese movements and batteries (included).
* The measurement of the watch face is approximately 7/8", and the length is 7", it can fit most lady’s wrists.

Asher’s Drum Set

Asher has 2 drum sets in the stock room but I think he enjoys more playing this make shift drum set he assembled.


Two mini couches (Jhaylan’s party giveaways), Ashley’s xylophone, 2 xylophone sticks, a wooden cabinet and door.  That’s all what he needed to come up with a brilliant drum set.  The different sounds they produce as he hits each of them sounds amazing too.  Well, so brilliant of him to imagine and come up with that.  At least, we don’t have to unearth his real toy drum sets or we don’t have to buy a new one just to feed his fancy.  But I’m readying myself since from time to time, he’s bugging us to buy him other musical instruments like the guitar pickguards at guitar center, a violin and a lyre.

My Little Rockstar

I went sentimental again when I browsed my video uploads in Facebook. There’s a video of Asher that I uploaded three years ago wherein he was gamely strumming his toy guitar. He was even banging his head the way rock stars do. At that moment, I hoped that he would nurture further his love for music so that he’ll grow up a talented musician. An inclination that both his Daddy and I never had. I mean we love music, we sing a lot but it’s just that the notes seemingly do not like us. Asher, on the other hand, loves making a beat with an imaginary drum set and sometimes, with an imaginary guitar. Perhaps, a baby taylor mahogany at musician’s friend is what he exactly has in mind. He even sometimes pretend carrying guitar cases. If he’ll continue exhibiting this interest, we’ll extend our support by enrolling him in a summer music class if he wishes to.