How to Hire a Contractor to Create an Office in Your Home

If you are a parent trying to work from home, then creating a comfortable office is essential. As an amateur, you shouldn’t try to work on electricity or plumbing, but it is possible to find a local remodeling contractor to create an office in your home. When you have never hired a contractor before, you need to understand the process in order to have a remodeling job completed correctly.

Verify That a Contractor Has Licensing and Insurance Coverage

Contact your region’s professional licensing board to verify that a contractor is registered. Make sure that the contractor does not have any complaints from previous customers. The remodeling company that you hire should have been in business for several years, and it must provide insurance coverage for employees. You also want to make sure that the contractor has insurance that provides coverage if your home is damaged by fire or water during the remodeling process.

Have Your Home Inspected By a Contractor to Obtain a Free Estimate

Call a contractor to schedule an appointment for an inspection of the room that you need remodeled to make an office. The contractor should arrive at the correct time to look at the room that you want remodeled into an office. After the inspection, you must receive a free written estimate that explains the cost of materials and labor to create a home office. This is also a good time to get a schedule concerning how long the remodeling job will take to complete.

Talk to Previous Customers to Learn More About a Contractor’s Work

Each contractor that you talk to should have a list of previous customers who are willing to provide a reference. If a contractor’s previous customers will let you visit their home to see a remodeled room, then make sure to look at the space to see how it was completed. Request information from the previous customers about how the contractor coped with problems such as a broken water pipe.

Repeat the Process of Interviewing Contractors

It is a good idea to get at least three bids from different contractors who visit your home. Request a detailed blueprint to learn how each contractor plans to transform a walk-in closet, attic or bedroom to an office that is suitable for a parent who works from home.