Letter of the Week Homeschooling: Letter Ss

Our Ss Week is our busiest and most interesting week so far.  We had so much activities and there were so many interesting topics and stuff in the house that we were able to integrate with our lessons.  So let’s get the ball start rolling, shall we?


Theme Words

spider, shoes, sun, store/shop, star


Read Aloud

These are the books that I included in our Ss Sensory box.  Sleeping Beauty is Ashley’s favorite Disney princess but surprisingly, it’s the picture book about Spiders that we read countless times during the week.  She learned that spiders have 8 eyes and 8 legs, that spiders vary in colors, and some are dangerous but some are also helpful so most of the spiders aren’t really terrifying.


Ss Books


Poetry and Rhyme / Science (a Craft Activity)

S is for sun.

Inspired by the Prayer When The Sun is Shining from Hello God! 1 (Children’s Prayers for All Occasions) by Grace D. Chong, we made an artwork that featured hand printing, coloring and drawing activities.  At first, she was icky and ticklish with the paint but when she recognize that she’s “painting” a sun, she enjoyed the hand stamping activity later on.

Ag Ah

Ai Aj


These songs are two of Ashley’s favorite action songs and among the first ones that she was able to learn and sing by heart.

S is for spider.

S is for star.


Our Ss sensory bin is so full! The little one was so ecstatic to find a boxful of stuff starting with ssssss…ssssss…ssss.  Every time she picked an item from the sensory box, she identified it with “Ssssss” first. Example, Ss is for ssssss…tar, sssss…stove, sssss….square to emphasize the Ss sound at the beginning.


* MATH (also Sensory and Fine Motor Activities)

S is for straw.

For our Math lesson, we exercised her counting and 1 to 10 number recognition skills by integrating these number wooden blocks with a sensory activity.  First, I let her cut the drinking straws into pieces then to exercise and strengthen those little fingers (a fine motor activity).  We filled the bin with just enough to come up with a thick layer.  I initially wanted to use colored straws but they were unavailable.  Using multi-colored straws could have been a great color recognition exercise as well aside from it being more stimulating and inviting to the eyes.  She randomly picked a block and tried to count and identify the number.


The little one later discovered that she can skewer these blocks using short and long straws (another fine motor activity).  She pretended later on to grill a barbecue.


She also made a tower out of the blocks and sorted/paired those having the same colors.  This activity has so many possibilities and the best thing about it, it was she who discovered the stimulating activities she could do.


1. S is for star.

We made a star wand using the following materials: star-shaped cardboard or a specialty paper with a high gsm, star stickers, glittery ribbon, popsicle stick and 3/8″ printed grosgrain ribbons.  She loves waving the star wand and shouts “Bibbidi bobbidi boo” (from Cinderella) with so much delight.

We intended to do star gazing so we could discuss further about the stars at night but alas, the nights were cloudy so stars weren’t visible.

Star Wand

2. S is for spider.

This activity was a hit to the little girl. After reading aloud the The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, we made our own version of a busy spider that has just completed its web.  First, she painted the paper plate with yellow. She made a black spider using her hand prints.  After sticking the googly eyes, she came up with a web through twine lacing.

Spider 1 Spider 2


S is for store/shop.

We had a gentle way of learning about the importance of stores or shops in the community and the concept of barter or exchange through this very exciting pretend play of “Tinda-tindahan“.  For this purpose, we set up her very own bookstore!   We took turns in being the seller and the buyer.  This activity took me back to my childhood days when I was so fond of playing such, even using play money to complete the concept of exchange.

Store Store 2

We also discussed the different stores and shops we can find in our community.  I printed out cliparts from the web and prepared this line tracing activity.

Store 3


S is for star.

We simulated the night sky using black art paper and yellow star stickers for this activity.

Star Craft


S is for sharing.

We reminded ourselves the importance of Sharing through this coloring activity. Thanks to twistynoodle.com for the free We Share Coloring Page template.  This template is awesome because you can customize the caption.  Thus, I specifically used the caption “I share my toys with Kuya!” so she will be reminded about the goodness of sharing toys and food with her Kuya.

We also memorized The Sharing Song (sang to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) from tinygrads.com.  This song has become an instant reminder whenever they forget to share.



1.) S is for shoes (lacing).  Shoe-tying requires precise fine motor control.  She’s still far from mastering this skill  at 3.8 yo but it’s never too early to orient her and start practicing.  I remember my son achieving this milestone at the age of 5 with the use of this shoe-tying practice board.  Hope this practice board will also help her in “unlocking” this skill.


2.) S is for snow.

Inspired by two of our Ss books: The Snowy Day, and Katy and the Big Snow, we came up with our DIY snow.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found a very easy recipe using just baking soda and water.  I didn’t follow any specific proportions, I just made a mixture with consistency just enough to feel and look like as snow.  I froze the mixture for about 20 minutes and in an instant, the little girl had a sensory snow play.  She even made her very own Olaf!


Snow2 Snow 1


Her tracing and coloring worksheets are from the following resources:

Alphabet Picture Tracing Printables from Totschooling.

Find the Alphabet Worksheets from The Measured Mom.

Tracing Letters Worksheets from Action Alphabet.

Tracing 1 Tracing 2 Tracing 3 Tracing 4


S is for yummy Sopas!

There’s no better way to wrap our busy Ss Week up other than eating a yummy, hot Sopas.  It has been raining the past few days so a hot soup dish was certainly comforting.  It’s a chicken noodle soup dish cooked by simmering various ingredients like chicken, elbow macaroni, onion, butter, carrot, and cabbage.



Two letters down..4 letters and  4 weeks to go before we’re done spelling Ashley’s name!