Piano Lessons

My daughter’s at the perfect age to begin exposing her in the musical world. She dances every time she hears music. Give her an improvised drum or a xylophone toy, she will happily bang it and is able to produce a beat. Piano may also be a good instrument to introduce. Speaking of pianos, I still recall that we used to have this little battery-operated Casio piano when we were still kids. It was my sister who taught me how to play piano chords and among the first song I learned to play was The Sound of Music Theme Song Do-Re-Mi. I didn’t get to further enhance this and I wish I should have taken lessons and learn piano chords when I was in Grade School.

At any rate, I discovered that there’s a website offering piano lessons for beginners and for busy adults. Perhaps the time has come to get my kids their musical instrument similar to my first piano from musicians friend and start nurturing their inclination to music.