My Little Rockstar

I went sentimental again when I browsed my video uploads in Facebook. There’s a video of Asher that I uploaded three years ago wherein he was gamely strumming his toy guitar. He was even banging his head the way rock stars do. At that moment, I hoped that he would nurture further his love for music so that he’ll grow up a talented musician. An inclination that both his Daddy and I never had. I mean we love music, we sing a lot but it’s just that the notes seemingly do not like us. Asher, on the other hand, loves making a beat with an imaginary drum set and sometimes, with an imaginary guitar. Perhaps, a baby taylor mahogany at musician’s friend is what he exactly has in mind. He even sometimes pretend carrying guitar cases. If he’ll continue exhibiting this interest, we’ll extend our support by enrolling him in a summer music class if he wishes to.