Asher’s Baguio Trip Highlight


My Instagram and Facebook feeds seem to show that many of my friends are in Baguio at this moment enjoying the cold temperature.  It made me reminisce the vacation that we enjoyed just last Christmas.   We enjoyed the long trip, food, the 16C-ish weather, the parks we visited, etc.  It was Ashley’s first time and Kuya Asher’s second time and they both had a blast.  The highlight for Asher was the horseback riding at the Wright Park.  He rode 3 different horses throughout our vacation there.  He just loves mounting and riding them.  I even set my mind that he would ask us to buy him some equestrian apparel to complete the riding experience.  Glad he didn’t because I don’t know where to buy kiddie sizes for him there.  The next time we’ll go on a Baguio trip, I’ll see to it to prepare a set for him earlier.