Our Little Walking Princess

Ashley walking

Finally, the little girl is now walking.  Or should I say, she has been mustering every ounce of confidence and take several steps on her own.  She took her first three steps shortly before her first birthday but it’s only now at 14 months that she’s fully learned the trick.  There are still times that she trips and stumbles down and sometimes, she doesn’t let go of my hand right away when she goes mobile but I can see her persistence.  She can stand up off the floor without a sweat so just a little more practice and confidence, we’ll see her running anytime soon.

Babyproofing the house has been our project ever since she started to become mobile.  We temporarily removed the center table made of glass in the living room.  We laid the rubber mats so the living room has actually become a huge playroom for the 2 kids.  We also figured that the rubber mats would be helpful for Ashley especially now as she’s mastering how to walk.  Less worries for us that she might get hurt.

With that said, I think it will take a while before we pursue our plans of changing our floor tiles.  The trip to the flooring store will have to wait until the little one is more steady with her walking.   It’s really heartbreaking to see her cry and hurt from falling or stumbling down into a hard floor tile.  Carpet installation is not an option since it may only become a breeding ground for allergens (my kids are highly allergic to dusts and other allergens).  Hardwood, as shown on FlooringAmerica,  may be a better choice but that would be ideal for the bedroom and not for the ground floor, in my opinion.