What We Love About Cloth Diapers

This post is written for the Real Diaper Week Carnival with the theme “Real Simple. Real Diapers.”  We aim to educate and advocate the use of cloth diapers in the Philippines.  Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about cloth diaper styles, how to’s or must haves.

A baby is always a wonderful and a welcomed addition to the family.  While it brings a different level of excitement especially to first time parents, it can also be a little financially overwhelming as welcoming a newborn entails a huge amount of money.  So it is extremely important to prepare one’s self by budgeting expenses for baby products.  This includes everything from clothing, baby food, baby furniture, baby gears and diapers.  Diapers is one of those areas where you can save a lot of money along.  Go cloth diapering!

Cloth diapering is not a new thing to us.  When Asher was still a baby, we cloth diapered him during the day using the traditional flat cloth diapers or “lampins” (gauze or birdseye types) that we are acquainted with.   It was kinda messy when he wets or soils it plus washing and ironing entails a lot of work but we were after its economical advantage.  Also, he’s more comfortable with it and never had a rash down there.  We were also breastfeeding so monitoring his wet diaper (to know if he was fed just right) was easier.  Lastly, potty training him was a lot easier and I attribute it to using cloth diapers.  By age 1 1/2, he can already signal us if he feels like doing number 1 so we’d take off his undies (he wore briefs) and assist him do his thing in the Comfort Room.

Even before my second baby arrived, I intended to do the same.  It was also during my pregnancy with Ashley that I first heard about the modern cloth diapers.  I did a little research but I was shocked with the price (Php 350-700/piece) so I disregarded the idea of purchasing a few for the little one.  My initial reaction was like “Ay ang mahal naman, wag na lang!”.  But I didn’t totally shun the idea and my interest was still there so what I did, I listed cloth diapers in Ashley’s Christening gifts wish list.  Luckily, her Tita Litzie heeded her wish and gifted her with Baby Jill’s Cloth Diapers.  They were personalized and the designs are really cute!


Ashley’s Baby Jill’s Cloth Diapers from Tita Litzie

We didn’t use them right away as I was still totally clueless and I had a lot of questions in mind.  Like how do we use it, will I change the whole thing if she wets it or just the inserts, how to wash it, do I need to iron it and all those mind-boggling questions.  That’s when I started to research more intently.  I admit, I got so overwhelmed with all the terms- inserts, all-in-ones, pocket diapers, fitteds, pre-folds,  etc.  Then I got perplexed even more with the wide array of brands to choose from.  I consulted my fellow digiscrapper friend, Abie, who has just given birth to cutie little Rafa that time and it’s from her that I learned so much about cloth diapers.  By the way, Abie recently just announced the birth of their cloth diaper online shop: Tickled Moms.

Ashley first tried the Baby Jill’s when she was about 2 months old, I think.  Her first stash included just 6 pieces and as she still wets a lot at that time, 6 were not enough in a day.  We were already embracing the advantages so that was the time when I started purchasing and trying different brands.  There are different types of modern cloth diaper systems but the One-Size Diaper suits our preference and requirements best.  The brands we’ve tried so far are SUNBABY and ALVA from Thrifty Mama Shoppe, BABY LEAF and NEXT9 which I bought from various resellers like Mommy & Baby Essentials and Caleb’s Closet Ecostore .  They are all local brands and bought online.  To date, she now has a stash of 18 cloth diapers.  Ashley uses about 4-5 pcs at daytime.  Her first Baby Jills collections are now kept since she has outgrown the small-sized diapers.  All other brands I’ve mentioned are “one size fits most” so she can use them until the potty training stage.


Ashley in her Next9 and Baby Leaf Cloth Diapers while on Easter vacation at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Among the different brands that she has, I liked Next9 and Baby Leaf the best: perfect fit, reasonable price, colorful and stylish designs and easy maintenance.



In general, here are the reasons why we’re embracing the practice of modern cloth diapering..the One Size Diaper to be more specific:

Economical.  The total cost I shelled out for Ashley’s cloth diapers is about Php 6,500.  These one size fits most cloth diapers are reusable and fits her as she grows so by her second birthday, we would be saving about Php 44,000-72,000 which is the 2 years worth of using disposables.  Very huge savings!  There may be extra cost incurred on the water bill but still, it’s way cheaper than disposables.  Cloth diapers and the absorbent inserts need no ironing unlike the traditional “lampins” since sun-drying is enough to sanitize them and no cloth creases to smoothen.  Tipid sa kuryente! There’s also no need to wear shorts or undies for cover since these cloth diapers come with outrageous designs and can be paired with regular pambahay tops or sandos or dresses.

Convenient.  These cloth diapers come with snap buttons so in less than 5 seconds, nappy change is done without struggling.  No pins or clips that may also pose danger to the baby.  The absorbent “inserts” are just easy to insert.  Unlike traditional “lampins”, when the baby wets or soils her nappy, the caretaker carrying him or her won’t also soil her clothes since the modern cloth diapers come with a leakproof cover.

Comfort.  The fleece material inside makes the baby feels dry all the time.  It’s always gentle to the skin. They do not contain irritating perfumes or chemicals so the baby’s bottom is at lesser risk for rashes.  Contrary to what others think, it doesn’t feel “hot” inside.  In fact, the interior of disposable diapers do not breathe well and therefore the inside can be at a much higher temperature and the moisture will become an excellent breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Environment-friendly.  Disposable diapers take a very looooong time to degrade.  So with reusable cloth diapers, we go a long way in helping the environment and to prevent “Ondoy” tragedy from happening again.


We’re using the Semi-Cloth Diapering Approach since there are times that we still need the disposables like at night time or when we’re going out for a long time.  We can’t deny that we need still the convenience of disposables at certain times but the thing here is, cloth diaper has  a great impact on us and we consider it as the one of the wisest inventions ever. Smile Happy Real Diaper Week!

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  1. Litzie says:

    This is really nice Mai. “If ever” we decided to have another baby, magtatanung ako syo about this. 2 important topics na ang icoconsult ko syo. Way to go Mommy!

  2. Helene says:

    I agree that modern cloth diapers are one of the greatest inventions ever! Hehe, I just love cloth nappying! I hesitated over using CDs at night and when we went out in the past, but after I tried it, I quickly found how easy it is and am now cloth nappying full time!

  3. Jenny says:

    i started full time CD-ing when E was 7 weeks. i think it was because he was too small before that and the one-sized diapers i bought were too big. i also bought all one-sized diapers because i felt that sized diapers were a waste of money. if i do have a no. 3, i think i will just buy newborn diapers then one-sized diapers.. IF! ;D

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