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clip_image002Books teach. They provide us with knowledge and a wealth of information. They also entertain us, giving us more than just an escape from the real world, but also presenting us some sort of room for our imagination to live on. They can also inspire us, guide us, and change our views of things. They are an invaluable source of human knowledge and spirit. Everyone who has ever read a book knows this.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to books. Regardless of how voracious of a reader you are, readers are limited in terms of storage space, book pricing, distribution, and a number of other factors. This is the reason why renting books is now becoming the most popular choice for book lovers. In fact, here are some of the benefits of renting books.

· No need for storage space. After buying a book and reading it, most people just simply put their books inside cabinets, shelves, or other storage areas. Then, the books stay there collecting dust, aging, until the time comes when the owner remembers about the book and decides to revisit the pages. Sounds well and good, that is, until you accumulate more books than what you can afford to store. Then what happens next? If you rent books, however, you don’t need to store them anywhere. The books don’t need to take up any permanent space in your place. As soon as you’re done with a title, you just send it back by mail. The sooner you return, the sooner you can rent again, plus you get to keep your space for yourself.

· Cheaper than buying. Renting is definitely cheaper than buying new books. First, since the books that you’ll be getting are a bit less than brand new, you pay a significantly less amount to read one. In fact, by renting, you save as much as 60-80% compared to how much you’ll be paying when you buy one. Second, since you don’t need to allot any permanent storage area in your house, you also have no need for a bigger place or a dedicated shelf. This means no additional cost for maintenance whatsoever. But, you still get to read the book.

· Comes in different and sturdier forms. When you rent books nowadays, you have an option of reading the paperback version or the more convenient and definitely handier CD version. If you’re the old-fashion type that relishes the feel of turning pages, you can go for the classic paperback edition. However, if you’re the techie kind who prefers reading from his/her screen than from paper, then you can opt for the CD. The latter allows you further options if you want to rent books or rent audio books.

· The greener option. By renting books, you basically decrease the need for printing new books. This translates to saving millions of trees from being milled.


  1. jennyL says:

    My niece is a certified book worm and more often than not, she buys books on a monthly basis. Just imagine all the books that she already got, she can already have a mini-library at home. With all the benefits of renting books, I will recommend to her to rent books if she’s tight on budget and to save space as well.

  2. Mai says:

    I’m all for the idea that people should consider renting books instead of buying as it becomes just a junk at home. It’s true, one of the notable benefits is that we go green by doing it and we’re able to help Mother Nature.

  3. Kaje says:

    I believe reading is power. But as you said, sadly, not everyone can afford to buy new books all the time. I also agree with one commenter that people should consider renting books and benefit from such practice.

  4. Suzanne says:

    My family likes to read and I agree with you, reading if very beneficial to readers. Storage and budget should never be hindrances if a person wants to read. Like what you have mentioned, an option like rent books .

  5. Suzanne says:

    My family likes to read and I agree with you, reading if very beneficial to readers. Storage and budget should never be hindrances if a person wants to read. Like what you have mentioned, an option like rent books is available for those who have small spaces or limited budget for books.

  6. Dez says:

    I love to read but I don’t have enough budget to buy all the books that I want to have. I think it’s a good idea to just rent books just like what you’ve said. I could even save a lot and even read more of the books in my list of “to read” thanks for pointing out the benefits of it!

  7. Dee says:

    The reason why we never buy books often is the problem of storage, we only live with my in laws and stays in an ample space so book storage is definitely a problem. Learning about renting books is great because now we know that we cannot limit our love for books and for new knowledge.

  8. Abie says:

    My husband and I love to read books but we don’t like the price and the needed storage space associated with buying books. That is why we were really thrilled when we learned that it is possible to rent books instead. We will save big in doing this while not depriving ourselves with our daily does of readings for relaxation and in gaining additional knowledge.

  9. Peachy says:

    Last Sunday , Me and my family went to the floating bookstore where books are mostly in discounted price. My kids enjoyed the experience so much. I grabbed them a few pieces, but I did not buy one for myself because i usually just rent books so I can save some money, besides I do not have enough space for storage as well.

  10. Something Purple says:

    It has been a year already since we discovered that renting books from our local library could save us a lot of money. In fact, I have not bought a single book for my little boy since that time. Now, that you mentioned BooksFree.com, I want to try to rent audio books this time around.

  11. Thoughts from Home says:

    I love this idea of renting books because it will really save us money and headache from thinking of the storage. Books will definitely take a lot of space in the house so might as well rent and enjoy reading as many as you can without thinking where to put those after you’re done reading.

  12. Race says:

    I love reading books but I seldom buy because my cousin always give me hand-me-downs books that she knows I would love reading. The books that she gives me were the same books that her priest friend gave her which are mostly inspirational and power books. The friend is getting his supply from book sale and giving it out to them for free. If ever I finished reading all my books I wouldn’t mind renting books because it would be less expensive and I wouldn’t have a need for storage. I actually met one here in our place who started renting all his collections of magazines and various books on romance, comic stories and a lot more.

  13. kcot says:

    When I was still studying, I used to frequently rent books from the library to have something to do when I get home. But now, with lots of technology available, it is seldom I get to read books. Maybe it’s really time to get back to my old habit.

  14. Glo says:

    I still remember the times when I was in HS. There was a small neighborhood store that rent books , mostly romance pocketbooks. I use to go there and look at titles, to see if they’ve got a book I wanted to read. It beats spending so much money on buying books that you will only read once.

  15. Aggie says:

    I am a certified book lover/bookworm. I just simply love books,especially fantasy and adventure, but my only problem is I don’t have enough money for buying them.So I used another option-Renting books. I agree with this article, and would recommend it to any book lover around the world.

  16. Peggy says:

    I am a college student and our school required a lot of books. My room is too small so I decided on rent books instead of buying them because they will only eat a lot of space in my small room.

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