Smartphones: Staying in Touch With Your Loved Ones


Audiovox SMT5600 with the new Qtek Smartphone (Photo credit: Josh Bancroft)

We all know cell phones help us stay in touch with family during the day when we’re apart. Letting your spouse know you’re going to be late for dinner and checking up with your teenager who’s out with friends are the things the cell phone industry was built on. But there are even more ways that smartphones can help us stay in touch with our friends and family, even in an age where we’re often spread miles apart.

Contact Info at the Ready

You would call Uncle Harry about the new movie trailer you know he’d love, but you don’t have his number with you. Your old high school buddies would get a thrill out of knowing your score in the golf tournament you just played, but who keeps their numbers with them everywhere they go? Having all your family, friend and work names, cell numbers, home numbers, work numbers and email addresses with you at all times increases the chances you get to share your life with those you don’t see every day. Smartphones have high memory capacities that allow us to keep all of this information at our fingertips 24/7.

On the Go Photos

One parent might make it to the piano recital, but it’s hard for two parents to take off work. A few minutes of video allows both parents to share and enjoy the child’s recital, even if work and other responsibilities stand in the way of you both attending. The grandparents can’t drive 100 miles for every soccer game, but a video clip or some snapshots of the child in action mean they don’t have to miss anything. Life is full of photo and video opportunities, and smartphones keep us closer even when we’re apart.

Organize the Family Schedule

Mom has yoga Mondays and Thursdays. Wednesday is Dad’s turn to host the meeting. Sister has basketball practice Tuesday, and by Friday everyone has forgotten that brother needs a ride home after math club. The organizing tools of a smartphone help you keep the entire schedule at your fingertips, including special events, birthdays and work commitments. Remembering where everyone needs to be – and when they need a birthday card or get well wishes – keeps families closer and reduces everyone’s stress.

Where to Get One

Smartphones don’t have to break the family budget to keep everyone together. Smartphones available on MyCricket are affordable, and no-contract monthly plans start at less than half what other companies charge for monthly services.