Pictures to Take on Baby’s First Day and Preparing for the Big Day

As I’m almost in my third trimester of pregnancy, it’s just the right time that we have to start preparing the nitty gritty details of the little princess’ arrival.  Last weekend, I’ve asked Yayie to clean the plastic chest where Ashley’s clothing will be stored.  I’ve also asked the husband to bring out the essential newborn clothes that Asher used three years ago during his wee stage.  I’ll ask Yayie to wash them a few weeks before I give birth.  Come September, we’ll be buying her other necessities at the SM Baby Company Great Sale. 

The big day is indeed drawing nearer.

I’ve stumbled upon these great tips on 10 Pictures to Take on Baby’s First Day from Lil Sugar.  A must read for the photographer husband.

1. Meeting an Older Sibling

2. Photo with Mom and Dad

3. Meeting the Grandparents

4. Leaving a Footprint

5. Baby’s Feet

6. First Funny Face

7. Baby’s Deep Sleep

8. First Time Held by Mom

9. Baby’s ID Tag

10. Grasping a Finger