At 7 and 8 Weeks

At this point, I’m finally feeling that I am indeed pregnant as the pregnancy symptoms are moving towards the peak.

* Morning sickness became more intense.  There were even times that I throw up at night.  Thankful for Plasil which my OB prescribed last weekend.  I still feel the urge but I do not throw up that bad anymore.

* I’m sleepy and sleeping all day long.

* I feel so lethargic that’s why I have no choice but to decline most of the Odesk interview invites I’ve been receiving immensely these past few weeks.

* I have on the spot, sharp and random cravings and aversions.  Latest cravings include siomai, Mcdo Chicken Nuggets, Bunwich, Champorado, Halo-halo, Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin,  If I initially craved for longganisa and mangga’t bagoong during the first few weeks, now, pls don’t bother to show or offer because I feel like throwing up just by thinking about them.

* I had my second prenatal checkup and my first UTZ last Saturday.  Lab and UTZ tests show that there’s nothing to worry about as everything’s normal.  The baby’s location is intrauterine, fetal heartbeat’s at 189 bpm, no subchorionic hemorrhage.  The fetal size indicates that it’s on its 8th wk and 5th day so EDD’s on November 7.

* I’m due to have my Fasting Blood Sugar Test on my next visit.

P1000883 On Saturday, I posted this pic on my Facebook Wall:

The tiny flickering heart is such an amazing sight to behold. So happy and thankful to see and hear “little flickr” for the first time. :)

So thankful that my Little Flickr drew 63 likes as of this writing.  Wow!  Thank you so much for the love!

Now here’s a pic of me and the little big Kuya on my 7th week of pregnancy:

IG1Next time, I’ll try to start with my monthly baby bump pictures na.


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