At 5 and 6 Weeks

In my first pregnancy, I had a very rough and sensitive first trimester.  It was stressful and taxing that I just spent my remaining energy lying down most hours of the day.  That’s why looking back, I didn’t have a journal of what’s going on through that period.  Since my second pregnancy now, at this stage, is a lot less difficult, I’ll make it a point to record all the changes, development and notes that I may have week by week or as I go along.  So that, it’d be easier when I compile and make my photobook for our 2nd little blessing.

5 Weeks:

– I took the test and got two pink lines as a result on March 11.  As per my LMP, the AOG’s 5weeks and 1day.

– No pregnancy symptoms felt except for my taste buds that started to taste weird.

6 Weeks:

– Morning sickness began on March 18 at 6 weeks and 1 day.

– First craving (even before I knew I was pregnant) was Mangga’t Bagoong.

– Days later, I craved for my Lola’s home made longanisa or those that are made in my hometown.  Since it’s far too impossible that I’d have it, I satisfied myself with a Longanisang Baguio (as so labeled) bought from the grocery.  Not quite the same taste but it’s close and good enough as a substitute.

– Then I had Yellow Cab pizza for two straight days.

– I’m totally down in the morning.  I just drink my meds and eat breakfast, barf then had to lie down again and sleep.  Otherwise, I’ll be throwing up all morning long.  I’m okay starting at 2 pm through the rest of the day.

– I craved for a footlong yesterday.  But since there’s no one who could search and buy one for me, I was okay with newly cooked mini-hotdogs and I consumed about 8 of those, I think, plus two slices of bread for my merienda.

Whew! They say that every pregnancy is different. Although, this is a lot easier than the first (so far), I’d still say that being pregnant is indeed a rollercoaster ride.  Whether it’s first, second or’s thing for’s always TOUGH!


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