I Shopped!

After allowing myself to get engulfed by tremendous amount of online works last month, I conditioned my mind that I deserve a reward for the hard work.  It’s been a while I updated my wardrobe and so after skimming through online stores in Facebook, here are my sweet treats for myself:

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I got lured shopping for all these because they’re unbelievably low priced.  Normally, you will find these costing about five hundred bucks in malls but the ones I got cost only Php 300 each.  Nice quality. So..such a steal, di ba?

Shopping once in a while is not only a good reward for oneself but they’re indeed a great stress buster, too. Hehe!

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  1. Kerslyn says:

    Hi Mai, nice pieces! Like ko ang 1st, 3rd and last. San mo nabili? pa-share ng link. Need ko rin damit kasi wala na maisuot magsimba.hahaha. Salamat!

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