Surging Appetite

Whether it the effect of the multivitamin supplement he’s taking or just a growth spurt, I’m thankful that Asher’s appetite has suddenly surged. He now requests for a second round of his lunch or dinner meal. Oddly,this began after his hospital confinement. The reason why he quickly recovered the weight he lost and why his cheeks are looking more plump now. I used to be bothered about his skinny looks especially when I see chubby and humongous babies of his age. But looking at the growth chart at the back of his baby book (immunization and checkup records) and with the pediatrician’s assurance, his weight and built need not be worried about. He’s just within the average percentile and also, she reminded me that breastfed babies are usually slimmer than their formula fed counterparts.

Breakfast No. 1: Honey Stars Cereals
A photo taken last January 1. After consuming this bowl of cereals, he requested for a serving of carbonara we were eating then a spoonful of Chona’s Delight cake afterwards