DFA’s Online Appointment System for Passport Application and Renewal.

Finally, there’s one major task for the month that we’ve accomplished last Friday.

First, let me rave how great, fast and easy it is now to undergo passport application and renewal. Big thanks to the DFA’s Online Appointment System, that is, for enabling us to process ours (mine, hubby’s and Asher’s) unbelievably in just 30 minutes. The husband’s passport has been more than a year expired while mine will expire on Feb 4th. The little one doesn’t have a passport still. We aren’t scheduled for any international travels soon but it’s not bad if we prepare for it this early, right? Besides, I don’t have any valid IDs since I’m not employed so it’s just imperative to have my passport renewed. The reason why we’ve been delaying this task for so long is because we dread the long queues and the unsystematic way we are accustomed to and we used to hear about the process wherein you have to get to the compound and line up as early as in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks to Trixie who commented on my post and it’s from her that I’ve first learned about the Online Appointment System wherein you can now request a schedule as to when you can go to the DFA office (applicable to DFA Manila only) for application or renewal of your passport without having to fall in long lines and wait for several number of hours. Personal appearance is required for all renewals now.

So I submitted our details last January 19 and requested 3 slots for a January 22 schedule: 2 renewal, 1 new application of Machine Readable Passports (MRP) through the MRP online appointment system. If you’re still unaware, there are two types of passports currently being issued by DFA. Check out the difference between the E-passport and the MRP at DFA’s site. Normally, the appointment day given is 2-3 working days after your online application. So before requesting a slot, it’s highly recommended to have all the requirements ready especially those original NSO certified documents (birth, marriage, etc).

Here’s a tip I stumbled upon one poster in a forum who has just renewed his passport. Although the schedule will be randomly assigned, you can actually indicate in the application your preferred date and time after your last name: Ex: DANGANAN (10AM JAN 22)

I received 3 acknowledgment emails for my request upon submission. The next day, the confirmation of our appointment was sent. I printed 3 copies of the email (1 for each applicant) and attached to our collated documents.

We arrived at the DFA compound at about 9:10 am. We had a tough time finding an available parking slot but thanks to a roadside assistance of a “barker”, we’re able to find one nearby.

As usual, a fixer with a seemingly DFA-issued ID, approached us pestering and trying to “assist” us. We just ignored him and went directly to the entrance at the side of Libertad St. We looked for Gate 2 then proceeded to Windows 1-4 as instructed in the email. This is the first step where all the documents will be reviewed, checked and received. Windows 1-4 are specially designated for Online Appointment Applicants while the rest of the windows (there are several of them) are for those who opt to apply passports the “regular” and “manual” way. Present the printed copy of the email confirmation of the appointment and the staff will check it on their list. There’s a bench allocated for every window so we were seated the whole time we were waiting for our turn. There were about 3 applicants before us at Window 1 who were all served fairly fast. After 10 minutes, it was our turn and our documents were received. Another tip is to make sure that your documents are correct and complete for a hassle-free transaction. DFA has a complete list and you can download the application form from their site. Mention to the attending staff if you’d like to avail the regular 14 working day or the expedite 7 working day processing. We were given back our documents (including the old, cancelled passports) plus a slip that we have to present to the cashier. Since we’re applying a new one for my 23 month old son, Asher, the staff requested to have my verified application form photocopied which will serve as a support document for Asher’s application. No need to get out of the area should you need to photocopy something because there’s one in the other side of the room at Php3/document.

Step 2: There are four lanes of Cashiers in the same room just beside Window 1. No long queues either so in less than 5 minutes we’ve paid for our passports.

Step 3: We proceeded to the Auditorium for the encoding of our data. Make sure to mention to the guard that you are an online appointment applicant so you will be led to Lanes 1-3. As opposed to the other lanes where the regular applicants’ lines were even encircling, there wasn’t any queue and we were served at Lane #1 right away. The staff encoded our data and asked us to check before he printed the forms. Then we proceeded to the stage to imprint our thumb marks and submit the documents which ends the application process.

Step 4: This is actually optional. We preferred to have our passports delivered to our home through an accredited courier instead of coming back to personal claim them on the release date so we proceeded to the basketball court. I believe all of them offer their shipping services for just Php 99/passport. We opted for 2Go’s services. We’re expecting the delivery a day after the scheduled release date from DFA.

In 30 minutes, we’re done with the process and we were home bound. We’re very satisfied and happy how fast the transaction was. It really pays if you research beforehand and come in very prepared. I feel for those applicants we left behind and endured long lines. Obviously, a lot isn’t informed still and are unaware of the easier way of passport application through the Online Appointment System.

I’m also glad that we were also able to save thousands. We were almost inclined to avail the guaranteed fast but more expensive services of Teleserv (Php 1300). Thankfully, everything went well without a hassle. Kudos to DFA for implementing such a fast and easy process. Here’s hoping that the other government offices and other customer-service oriented firms follow suit.


  1. Trixie says:

    Hey! I didn’t know that you can specify the date and time preferrred! Buti na lang you had that tip. I”ll let my friends know. I encourage them kasi to do the online apptment system. And I’ve been bragging non-stop that it took me less than an hour when I processed my son’s passport. =) Thanks!

  2. maryann says:

    hi, i have a question, im presently here in qatar and my passport will be expired by March 30,2010. My questions are:
    1.) if i apply online for the appointment of my passport (renewal) example the date would be april 3,2010…How long do i need to wait for the appointment date/schedule of my renewal passport…did it take about 2-3weeks waiting?

    2.) is it possible to get the e-passport rather than the mrp for the renewal of my passport while im in qatar..

  3. Myko says:

    All changed again, no more appointments. My wife was there yesterday, we got an appointment 10 days ago (but i put the wish-date after the name, was within 3 workingdays as suggested)
    They said they stopped it and she needed to fall in line like everyone without scheduled time.
    Worst part was, our 6 weeks old needed to come there aswell (they make pictures there, dont need to bring them now), at their website its published kids under 7 do not need to go there if the parents bring everything else.
    Overall its not that bad, waitingtime was 1 hour for one renewal and one new, we can pick up the passports in 9 days now.

  4. Jenskie says:

    I called DFA kanina at sabi, they dont entertain walk-in applicants. Medyo hindi ko gusto un system nila…i preferred yun old application system nila last year. Kasi imagine, if you’re in a huury na marenew passport mo, you have to wait for 1 month for your appointment date, kasi first come first serve. Kahapon nagpa-appointment ako, and take note, May 25 na lng available onwards. Eh i need my passport to be release before june 4. imagine 1 month mahigit ang pagitan. tapos 10 days rush processing. Medyo inefficient yun system i should say.

  5. xjmpx says:

    ang ibig sbhin gusto nila na lagi mag rush ang applicant pra mas mataas ang pay. pano ung mga taong hindi marunong mag epassport? kht nman papano may mga mangmang pa din nman sa mundo

  6. Lon says:

    Hi, in my case, i haven’t received my confirmation mail and bukas na yung appointment ko. pano na yun? i was calling the hotline pero laging busy ang mga agents daw. help..

  7. elay says:

    panu po kung i-cclaim ko lng ung authenticated document ko? do i still need to have an appoinment kht hind nman ako mgpapa renew ng passport? knina pako twag ng twag busy nman number nla.

  8. marie says:

    dear sir,

    hi, in may case my sister she waiting a release passport lagi syang nag follow up, if when she release passport, urgent po talaga ito,di po ma iprocess ang visa niya dahil sa kakaantay ng passport, nag bayad pa sya ar rush pero more 2 weeks na po wala pa, pls urgent talaga po talaga

  9. maria roda agonos says:

    pano kung hindi na i print yong last na sinabing i print pero naisulat ko na yong schedule ko?

  10. maria roda agonos says:

    kailangan ko bang mag fill-up ulit ng application?or mag re new ng schedule?nagaapply palng ako ng passport first time…thru internet n kc policy…but sadly hindi ko po na iprint yong last details…kailangan ko po ba un ipresent?pagpunta ko sa dfa?

  11. gil says:

    the new system is BS I should say, the thing is how they can say its more efficient and ” high tech” if I have to wait a month or two to have a passport.Applied online earlier and guess what! my appointment date is fu….. more than two months from now!I processed my misspelled bc for 2-3 months only to now I have to wait another two months for this f…… new system!!!
    tang… nila!!!! nagiicip ba cila, pano naging mas efficient yun kung before max 20 days lang, ngayun d ka nga pipila ng mahaba!e pu..! 2 months k naman mghihintay!!!BS talaga!!!!!!!!!!

  12. MAC says:

    Kung need nyo ng maagang appointment, kaya ko po magawan ng paraan yan. Kung rush lang talaga kayo. iwan lang kayo ng contack nyo para makapag usap tayo.

  13. ivy says:

    @mac, i badly need an appointment. baka naman you can help me. my mail addy is attached. pa email naman please. thanks!

  14. Renee says:


  15. Renee says:


  16. ayen says:

    @mac, please help me too. i need an earlier appointment with dfa. i need to leave the country on july 1.

  17. Jo says:

    hi pls help me, i lost my passport confirmation appointment, how do i get another copy? Unfortunately i already deleted the confirmation letter sent to my email.

  18. Ian says:

    Hi mac, need your help. I need a rush passport by 2nd week of july. Already had a schedule pero sa July 8 pa, plus 10 days to process… need an earlier appointment asap.

  19. wendy says:

    how can i get appointment to dfa….need ba talaga ng appointment o i can go straight to dfa for my renewal??

  20. renalyn says:

    hi,, id just finishd to filled up the application,,how long do i wait on your confirmation,,??like other said their sched is coming but they didnt yet receive their confirmation?i hope i can receive it asap,, tnx..

  21. rhealyn s. arce says:

    good day Mac! help naman baka pwedeng makakuha ako ng passport ng 1st wk ng august binigyan ako ng appoinment pero Sept.17 2010 pa, kailangan ko kasi para sa work ko taiwan pls help naman.Tnx A Lot Rhealyn S. Arce (09295694973) Yeng-0815@yahoo.com

  22. Lani says:

    I just want to ask whoever can answer me. This coming sept i have an appointment schedule at 1130AM, do i need to wait for long hours coz I have a domestic flight at 3PM? So if I come at 11AM, can they finish it b4 2pm?

  23. criasanta says:

    hello po this is crisanta campang,,pwede po bang malaman kung paano mag-apoint sa dfa?magpaparenew po kasi ako ng passport.thanks po.

  24. Jazz says:

    Hi Mac, please help. I need a rush passport by 1st week of August. Already had a schedule pero sa August 28 pa, plus 10 days to process… need an earlier appointment asap.

  25. Jazz says:

    Hi Mac, please help. I need a rush passport by 1st week of August. Already had a schedule pero sa August 28 pa, plus 10 days to process… need an earlier appointment asap.

    contact me:
    Email: jasper_jester@yahoo.com
    Mobile no: 09162771208

  26. Francis says:

    I applied for renewal of my passport July 21 2010 and was schedule to report to DFA on August 14, 2010 and was told to receive an email from DFA but up to now no email was sent. I applied for another time and this time my schedule is set on September 25, 2010 which is very late for me, Inneded my passport even at the middle of august. Please HELP.

  27. Florence says:

    kailangan ko tulong ninyo para makakuha ako ng maagang appointment. Paano kayo makausap. Salamat!

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