Tagaytay Field Trip

A long overdue post.

Hubby, Asher and I joined LFLS’ yearly educational trip last October 29. This year, we watched a puppet show at Pius Center (Paco) in the morning then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Tagaytay particularly Tagaytay Picnic Grove and People’s Park in the Sky formerly known as Palace in the Sky.

Here are just a few pictures of the field trip and how the little one enjoyed it so much. To view more, check out the Field Trip album I made in my Flickr gallery.


Hubby and Asher inside the auditorium while waiting for the puppet show to start.

Not only the puppet show was educational (it tackled how to take care of mother nature) but it was also entertaining. As for the little one, he got curious and fascinated at first by the mascots but he refused to get nearer during the photoshoot session when the show ended.

We drove to Tagaytay Picnic Grove and that’s where we had our lunch picnic style.

Asher enjoyed running around the huge sloped grounds and he was unstoppable.

“Horse back riding” his Lolo and having a “papogi” pose with Daddy.

Having a photoshoot with his cousins Kuya Miggy and Kylie

Finally, a new family portrait. Just don’t mind the little one’s pouty look.

Enjoying the panoramic view from the highest point of Tagaytay…while Mommy’s twittering hehe!

Some more spectacular views

The little one just slept throughout our trip back home. Obviously, he was overly tired yet I was certain that he enjoyed our Tagaytay adventure. These pictures make me miss the cold Tagaytay breeze.

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