Conveyancing Jargons

As you know and might have noticed, I’ve been blabbing and even put up a blog solely about our little mansion dream. A dream that is slowly unfolding into a reality. It’s still a bit far from coming true but we’re patiently working our way to it. In no time, the initial steps we’ve taken will lead to the biggest thing we’ve been waiting for. We’re really crossing our fingers that everything will fall into its place.

Acquiring and buying a property is really overwhelming especially for a first timer just like us who do not have the slightest idea how to go it through. I remember when we first saw the list of requirements for the PAG-IBIG housing loan application, I was totally lost and overwhelmed. I didn’t know about House Conveyancing or where to acquire documents such as Contract-To-Sell, the TCTs, Deed of Assignments, etc. I was so relieved when I learned that our Developer will take charge over these things and that what we just have to facilitate is the acquisition of documents pertaining mostly to the husband’s proof of income documents.

Our house hunting and moving plans also made me encounter so many terms, jargons and legalities about home acquisition. I’ve learned so much processes such as Property Conveyancing from They also have an article, a buy and sell step by step guide actually, for an overview of the entire legal process. This site is very convenient and helpful as it helps one to find and compare Conveyancing Solicitor quotes from reliable property specialist conveyancing firms. The best thing about this is that the quotes are provided for free and without any obligation. They also see to it that they only work with reliable, registered and competitively priced property solicitors and surveyors. Apart from this, alsp provides other services such as transfer or set up new services online (phone, TV, broadband), get quotes for removals, locksmiths and more, moving help and advice from real moving experts and they even have planning services for the big move and checklists.

With all these services, moving indeed need not be a hassle-filled, overwhelming and stressing activity.