The Labor and Epi Fear

I’ve just wrapped up a YM chat with a pregnant friend who’s due to give birth in two weeks. She’s also a first time mom and I can so relate with the fear and excitement that she feels right now as I was frantic the same way too as my EDD neared then. Our discussion mainly focused on labor and delivery and for a few minutes I felt like a pro, a doula or even a doctor giving her lecture what to expect, what to do, what not to do and all other delivery related stuffs. She was mostly concerned about two things: one, is labor pains and two, the epidural anesthesia.

I gave birth via NSD (normal spontaneous delivery) and was practically awake almost all throughout my 19 hour labor except when I was drugged to sleep as my labor climaxed to the active phase. I relayed my experience to her in details from the time my waterbag broke until I got wheeled to the recovery room. The epidural helped me a lot and despite of horrifying stories on the web about failed epidural and its effect (which my friend also fears), I trusted my anesthesiologist and truly, she had it done to me without any problems. It helped that she explained to me in details beforehand, complete with an Illustration Of Cervical Spine model so I can understand better what will be done. I advised my friend that she research well and get an experienced anesthesiologist to alleviate her fears. But above all, she just pray and anchor deep her faith in Him and she’ll sail through this delivery safe and well.