Hang On…Please.

I woke up to a not so-“bright-sunshiny” day this morning. Apart from the gloomy weather outside, I woke up with a feeling of head heaviness because I wasn’t able to sleep at peace, occasionally getting up and constantly checking on my huffing and puffing laptop in between sleep at dawn. It’s also the reason why I wasn’t able to go online last night. I was supposed to work on a number of assignments at 7 pm last night but apparently, it performed a very slow scan disk check upon boot up that lasted for more than 6 hours until the husband decided to shut it down even the scan disk was not complete. This is quite surprising. I am certain that I shut it down properly earlier prior to my supposedly usage last night. I sort of did a spring cleaning of files in my My Docs folder yesterday morning, but other than that, I didn’t tinker any of the program files or whatsoever that’s why I’m wondering what caused this.

So please “Acerito”, don’t die on me please. You know very much that my online works are so very dependent on you. I thank you for the service you’ve been giving me in the last 2 years but please, don’t retire yet. Don’t make “tampo” on me when I joked on the husband that I want a new laptop for Christmas. That was just a joke, okay? You know very well that we can’t afford a big ticket purchase at this period because of the M Project plus we have other bills to settle next month like my term life insurance semi-annual bill. So please, bear with me for a while. We’ve already scheduled you an appointment with your “doctor” on Sunday to check what’s wrong and to give whatever you need to sustain your life. Pleaseeeee…hang on.