Random Updates.

Inspired by Litzie’s post a few weeks ago.

On Work: So so so busy. Here goes the cliche again – Overwhelmed but thankful. I’ve never been this busy in the entire 3 years that I’ve been doing this online work. Bro has been so generous and He certainly knows who need these blessings the most.

*So there, I may be locked inside the room and online most hours of the day but it doesn’t mean that I’m being idle or engaging in purely entertainment or for anything else. I’m being productive, I’m working hard as this is how I earn.*

On Shopping Freeze: Doing great. I occasionally shopped a few online, all were Asher’s stuffs but these (Old Navy loots) will serve as his Christmas gifts. Nonetheless, I’ve improved so much ever since we focused seriously on saving for the M Project and self-imposed a belt-tightening measures. Except for the domains I purchased (which is for work “expansion”..meaning more income opportunities in the future), I haven’t shopped anything for myself for a number of months now.

On Weight: Still stagnant and underweight…geez. I don’t know how much appetite should I put on more.

On Motherhood and Family: Smitten. Amazed. Stressful yet very much enjoying it. You might have noticed the baby shower and pregnancy invitations I’ve been blogging about these past few days but nah, we have the M project as our major goal for now.

On Living Arrangement: We’ve adjusted well here in Frisco. The husband has gotten used to a longer commuting time to and from the office. We still can’t wait though for the M goal to materialize. It’s still different when you have your own place to manage and control fully.

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  1. Chay says:

    Thumbs up on you for giving up a lot of things to stay on your goal. Keep your focus on your M project – you can do it, you already have done the first few steps to realizing it ! Goodluck !

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