Online Family Reunion at FB.

Last night, my boys went to bed early and I was also tempted to retire the night that hour too but since I napped in the afternoon a little longer, I wasn’t sleepy pa. The spooky Florinda was on TV..not a good late night show to watch by a scaredy-cat as me. So I just turned my laptop on hoping that I’d be set on a lull mode browsing FB and hoped for a luck to grab some online works too. Luckily, I did get a few. I had a nice and hilarious chat over YM, too, with Kathy (lagi naman eh especially when we sing our very own song composition that will hit the airwaves soon..”kerima kerima…ang __ mong kyut” bwahaha!), I don’t know but I was in my so makulit mode last night.

While chatting and grabbing opps, my sister, bro, stepmom and I had a fun time chatting, where else, on Facebook. It’s really fascinating how the internet can bridge the distance..from where I am (QC), I got connected with Mom (and Papa) in Saudi, Sis and Bro in Makati.

Sayang, our eldest sister who’s in Qatar didn’t go online last night. Perhaps, she was busy nursing my cute niece, Leela. And just like mom, commented..Papa isn’t bothering to create an account for now because he’s busy with his sideline works, as always. It could have been an instant online family reunion.

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  1. Chay says:

    That is so cute ! Internet has made a huge difference in families living thousand miles away. I have to check that out, I am so new to Facebook.

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