More Time Please…

Hay…when can I ever manage my time effectively kaya?

I have mentioned recently that I’ve been blessed with a handful of online works since last week and since then, the more I’ve neglected the tasks that I have put off for so long.

There’s still Asher’s 1st birthday photobook that’s still just half-baked. I totally lost my creative mojos and I think, I have now forgotten how to digiscrap. I even can’t remember to which folder in my external hard disk have I saved the layouts. Asher turned 18 months last September 2 so it’s been half a year since the party and just 6 months to go before his second birthday and no 1st birthday party photobook still…bad!

Then I also initiated two new online projects the other week. Until now, I haven’t progressed to anything because I am too tied with the online tasks that flooded my way.

Asher’s monthly pictures printing also halted. I still have to go through my files to know which batch to upload now on Artscow.

Then there are mommy duties that I have to attend to. I can not just say “No” to Asher when he demands my breast milk at random times of the day. It’s a good thing though that he is now more playful and has become less dependent on me that’s why I can work in our room longer in deep concentration. We’re also lucky to have a doting Yayay Becca who looks after the little one while I work..she’s a blessing to us, really.

I’ve been meaning to give this blog a revamp but obviously, I haven’t changed a thing.

Hay… can I have an extra set of hands or can we add even just a couple of hours in a day to accommodate all these tasks?