Lucky Dad.

Daddy's Utusan..He removes the socks.. Daddy's Utusan..He removes the socks.....Then he puts them inside the hamper

Hmm, looking at these pictures, I know now why the husband prayed for a son…so he’ll have a junior he can boss around. Just kidding. In fact, it’s Asher who’s seemingly the boss whenever his Daddy arrives home in the evening. Without being signaled or told, he automatically “commands” his Dad to sit down (by tapping the bed) so he can help him remove his socks. And yet again, because he’s so observant and smart, he learned by himself that the socks must go directly to the hamper. And who has the biggest smile after this routine? Of course, the lucky Dad. In a few years time, I can already foresee the little one wiping the windshield, spoiler and the hood as he helps his Daddy clean the van. That’s how little Asher is lately, he’s been a great imitator.