Long Weekend No More.

Hubby and I (and the little one) rejoiced when we learned last Friday that President GMA declared tomorrow a special non-working holiday for the interment of the late Brother EraƱo Manalo, Executive Minister of INC. Another long weekend for the month and it means more bonding time with Daddy but unfortunately, the government announced yesterday an exemption:

BPO and electronic industries are exempted from the non-working holiday proclamation on Monday as requested by DTI Secretary Peter Favila.”
~Press Secretary Cerge Remonde

So there our happiness was just short lived as Daddy has work tomorrow with their company classified as a BPO. Now, this is creating a big confusion. Does it mean that these companies are exempted as well in all of the succeeding special non-working holidays? This is making our holiday planning even more complicated now. Kainis!

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