Last Friday’s Mission

Our long weekend last time started on a Friday. The husband filed a leave from work on that day, primarily, to 1.) claim our approved MSVS form from the HDMF (pag-ibig) office and 2.) claim my back pay from my previous work (finally, after more than a year..procrastination on my part is once again to be blamed).

We spent almost the whole day in Makati: at my parent’s house where we dropped off Asher and Yayie, got a sedula from the city hall (required for my back pay), HDMF then lastly, at my former company.

Everything would have been relatively fast and easy but I did not anticipate that I’d be queued on line for a freaking total of 3 1/2 hours. First, at the HDMF office, I waited for an hour before I got the form. Although I was seated and they have a waiting number system, I got so bored because I didn’t have anyone to talk with. The husband was waiting outside the building driving the van around the vicinity because there’s no parking space available. I occasionally used my phone to browse the web but the battery’s draining so, to kill boredom, I snooped and eavesdropped on the discussion at the counter. One interesting concern I overheard from a lady: her husband (the borrower) just died and she was wondering how to go about their loan that hasn’t matured yet.

I remember this was discussed when we attended the Housing Loan Counseling/Seminar last month. The Loan Program has a provision that, upon the borrower’s death, the property will be automatically paid up and given to the identified beneficiary. This is what the Mortgage/Sales Redemption Insurance (MRI/SRI) is for. I also remember the speaker discussed in passing the importance of getting a term life insurance when this issue was tackled.

After getting our purpose at the HDMF office, I spent wasted 2 1/2 hours standing (take note..standing) in line before I got my cheque at my former company. I didn’t expect that there would be that much co-resignees storming the HR also to get their final pay checks that day. It’s a good thing that the lady behind me started a conversation so while we waited, we were chatting and ranting what’s taking the HR staffs so long. But as they say, no pain no glory, so after more than a couple of hours, I’m a few thousand bucks richer…we got additional funds for our M Project. Yahoo!

I just have to add that our Friday was a gastronomic one. We had a KFC takeout for lunch, Jollibee for merienda, a Chicken Binakol 6 pm dinner in Makati then an 8:30 PM Dinuguan dinner here in Frisco. Well, had so much appetite for a very tiring yet productive day, huh?