I’m Pretty And Busy.

pretty busy

And I repeat..

I’m Pretty AND Busy.

That’s the flair I added to my Facebook corkboard yesterday because I was literally busy working from morning until midnight. My exhaustion was reflected on my late dinner at 9 pm with a hefty meal composed of 1 1/2 pcs of crispy Chicken Mcdo and about 3 (or more) cups of rice. I felt so bloated afterwards but I was relieved and energized. It was more than enough to recharge me from my all-day blogging. I retired the night overly tired and brain fried but my consolation was I had a very productive day.

And today, I’m on to my Uber Busy Day 2. Aside from my online works, we have offline duties to fulfill: Asher’s well baby checkup in a while and earlier, we went to the Developer’s office to get some pertinent forms in connection still with the M Project.

So for another hectic day…I repeat: I am STILL Pretty And Busy.