Flag Ceremony.

Having a pre-school within the premises of my in-laws’ house really has a great advantage for Asher. For one, he is developing early fondness of attending school, interacting with a teacher, playing with classmates and this one, attending a flag ceremony.

Mention the word “school”, he places his right hand on his chest signifying the pre-schoolers’ daily flag ceremony routine. Then he waves the way the students greet their teacher and classmates “good morning”. For an 18 month old tot, it’s really quite impressive that he developed interest with school this early. We’re not really forcing him to. In fact, he’s the one who excitedly enters the classroom by himself everyday with his Batman backpack in tow. Inside his bag are his mini-sketch pad and crayons. He finds and empty seat in the Kinder-1 classroom and there he will start doodling with his crayons. It’s also fun to see how he submits his finished work to the teacher. Since he easily gets bored, he transfers to the next room where he joins the Nursery class sing and act Nursery Rhymes. His favorites are the following to which he dances to so gracefully:
1. Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat
2. Fly Fly Fly Butterfly
3. Baa Baa Black Sheep
4. Barney’s Song (I Love You, You Love Me)

Here are just some of his “saling pusa” pictures at LFLS.

Singing Baa Baa Black Sheep with the Nursery class

[08.24 Monday School] With a Seatmate / Studying Colors[08.24 Monday School] Looking for an Empty Seat
Sit in student in the Kinder 1 class

[08.24 Flag Ceremony] Singing Lupang Hinirang[08.24 Flag Ceremony] Morning Prayer
Flag Ceremony and morning prayer with the students

I sincerely hope that he still has this deep interest with schooling in 2011 or 2012 when he’d officially enter pre-school.

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