Working Still.

It’s 9:26 pm and here I am still busy working. Wanting to lie down already and retire the night but I have to stay up and wait for the husband who will be coming home late because of a company event that he has to attend. If I doze off now, I might not wake up to his knock later and he might sleep outside of the “kulambo”..well, literally, outside of the house. So there, I might as well make use of time now while I wait for him. My throat’s kinda sore and seemingly spells impending cough and colds, but I’m praying it won’t. I have loaded myself already with Vitamin C, drank and also gargled a lot of water moments ago. I hope those will help. M.U.S.T. N.O.T. get sick, for the kids’ sake.

Anyways, work is promising since yesterday. And I have to give myself a pat on the back for being able to overcome procrastination. It really feels great and rewarding when you’re dedicated and dead set to achieve something and you’re seeing your progress right away…although little by little..but at least, you’re moving and motivated more. Isn’t that great?