The Long Weekend That Was.

Even though I’m no longer part of the workforce, I simply adore long weekends and holidays. For the simple reason that Asher and I spend long quality time with the Daddy. And I have to add, the family table is complete and we eat our meals on time. You know how Paul’s work load and schedule have been in the past weeks and I’ve quite been accustomed to either eating my dinner late because I have to wait for him or I have to eat alone. Also, long weekends mean long rest day too for my ears. *nuninuninuni* Further, it spells lakwatsa day for me and Asher or a pig out merienda.

Friday: We just chilled and lazed at home. Went out to a nearby grocery store in the morning to buy the ingredients for Carbonara that I’d be cooking for our merienda. Stayed online for most hours of the day and did some online works. Basically, the Carbonara I cooked was the highlight of the day. I’ll be sharing the ingredients in my “coming soon” food blog.

Saturday: It rained very hard Saturday dawn that it flooded deep the low lying areas in the metropolis including near our place. The downpour plus the continuous loud thunders woke the three of us. Asher kept on doing his “thunder” sign (both hands on cheeks instead of ears). I tried to sleep again but Kathy sent me a text message about an online opps alert. So while the rains flooded some areas, I got flooded too with a number of $$ works.

We were supposed to go later in the afternoon to Manila Ocean Park but because of Blogi tasks that I have to work on and I’m sure *katams* hit the husband so we both agreed to reschedule the visit next week. For the rest of the day, I just blogged and blogged and blogged and played and played..and played FB games.

We attended the morning Sunday mass. Watched the UAAP games (darn, UST lost to Ateneo) while I tried to finish my online works. Had Yellow Cab pizza for merienda. And stayed late last night as I tried to beat the deadline of my online tasks.

Here are some weekend pictures of the little brat.

Image0196.jpg Image0194.jpg
Asher the Learner

Gotta wear Mommy’s shades

I know what you’re all thinking about this act. Haha!

His favorite facial expression these days

Image0203.jpg Image0204.jpg
While waiting for the 10 am mass inside the car