So Sick.

(Drafted last night at 11 PM)

The title refers to two things.

One, pertaining to my LSS the other night (So Sick song by Neyo) after joining the husband’s videoke session with colleagues at Centerstage. It was a sort of “unwinding” activity for the whole group. A very much deserved treat from more than a month long overly stressful work. They celebrated the night with overflowing booze, pika-pika and of course, a voicebox (and eardrum)-damaging-all-night-singing-showdown. I haven’t uploaded the pictures to my Flickr account so an exclusive post about this gimik will have to be deferred for now.

Two, I would love to finish some pending works tonight but my head’s throbbing and my colds and cough are really discomforting. Been sick for 3 days now and I’ve also been loading myself with lots of Vit C, water and lozenges to soothe my throat. Still breastfeeding so I can not just simply take any OTC drugs for cough and colds. Too lazy to consult my doctor friends or search the net.

Hachoo…oooppss…this is really getting worse. I guess, that’s a clue that I really have to take a rest now.