Siomai-mai Craze.

Siomai Craze. (Yung isa dumerecho sa tiyan ko)

This what has been my (almost) daily merienda fix for almost a week now. Siomai craze, it is! But let me clear first that it’s not a pregnancy craving thingie or whatsoever. Siomai has been my favorite even way before that it could be a staple food in my plate. The only time I totally averted to it was when I got pregnant with Asher that it seemingly became my instant enemy. Just the mere thought of it made me puke. Since the time we transferred here in Frisco, I got an easy (almost) daily access to it because the siomai (and other streetfoods like kikiam, squid balls, kwek-kwek, etc) stand of our neighbor across the street is very tempting. I wonder if it has some fat burner stuffs inside because no matter how much I devour almost everyday, I still am not gaining weight. As what my MIL always say, I’m so lucky because I can just eat anything in enormous amounts without worries of getting fat. So, do you want to feast with me tomorrow over a few plates of siomai?

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