Saturday Story.

Before today’s happenings will get buried down the memory lane, here I am staying up on a Saturday night blogging my heart out while watching over my two asleep sick boys. The husband complained of migraine earlier while the little one has the sniffles and is now badly coughing, too. Sheesh, it will be one zombie night for me as I have to closely monitor especially the little one. Even sleeping pills won’t take effect because it’s just bothersome if you have a sick kiddo. No matter how hard you try to fall asleep, your eye could not just close. My throat’s getting itchy at the moment. I hope it’s nothing. As for the husband, well, his body is just taking its toll on him for “generously” loving his work so much. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, here’s how our day went.

We, or should I say, the husband woke up to a lazy Saturday morning. We were supposed to visit a friend who has just given birth but the husband decided that we’ll go there tomorrow instead. Aside from engaging with our morning online routine, we were entertained by the little one with this drama:

Pagkaligo, nagpasuot ng socks, sandals and cap. He took his knapsack din at bumaba in excitement. He kept on doing his Bayang Magiliw sign (right hand tapping his chest)...naadik sa flag ceremony eh.
While dressing him up after his bath, he asked that we put on a pair of socks to him then he pointed later to his green sandals. He then grabbed his brown knapsack and repeatedly hand signaled “Bayang Magiliw” sign (he pats his chest with his right hand).

Kasi Saturday pala and walang school...toinks!
The moment we got downstairs, he hurriedly went to the garage and headed to the Kinder 1 classroom of my in-laws’ pre-school which is just right next to the house. Unfortunately, this is what he saw. There were no kids, no Mrs. Ong who will greet him “good morning, asher!”, chairs and tables are fixed..because it’s a Saturday.

He retreated thus, with this sad look on his face.

Kaso nalungkot siya.....why???

Awww, so sorry my sweetie. Here’s perhaps what he’s looking forward to do:

Reviewing his lessons for tomorrow's class daw.Reviewing his lessons for tomorrow's class daw.

After lunch, we readied for Asher’s well baby checkup. I’m so happy to see the weighing scale tipping at the 11th kilo mark, a 0.5 kilo increase from his last month’s. Hooray to that! You know how a bit conscious I’ve been with his weight progress in the past few months. And I couldn’t be happier when I got this result from a Baby Ideal Weight Calculator:

Meaning he’s just on the average weight for his age. He may appear lanky and slimmer but he definitely is looking taller. His Pedia doesn’t measure and record his height progress but according to the growth chart we have here at home, he’s at the 32 in mark which is the 50th percentile..just the median weight of toddlers of his age.

Asher also got his Pentaxime first booster shot the needle poke of which was unnoticed because he was busy receiving a lollipop from the Pediatrician’s secretary. Yay..we’re on the booster shots already. We were instructed to continue giving him Salinase drops and more water plus Dimetapp for his colds.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for us: visit Baby Jayden Gabriel, bound to Makati afterwards then grocery shopping before heading back home here in Frisco. Hopefully, I’ll be online in the evening to finish these long queue of online tasks that were poured my way today.