It’s A Nice Morning After All.

I woke up to an eardrum-breaking tension outside the bedroom earlier this morning. Absolutely not a pleasant vibe to wake up to. It was almost enough to knock off my bright morning but before my day will get ruined by it, I CHOSE to soar above the negativity vibes it’s seemingly wanting to transmit to my senses.

I’m glad that I did. Now, I can say that it’s a nice morning after all.

A couple of good news (meaning $ opportunities) waiting in my inbox have empowered me further to stay cheerful and positive. I’ve never been this swamped with online works. If you have an idea of how unstable and inconsistent the type of my work is, you know that I am not complaining. In fact, I’m so much thankful for this downpour. So expect that in the next coming days, I won’t be seen that much over at Facebook and Twitter as I need to ward off the distractions so I can work steadily. Further, I’m currently working on two new online nooks to pave way for more “fishes to fry”. Setting them up is just time consuming and requires tremendous effort to make them worth reading and publishing in the blogosphere. I’ve just carefully studied and compared various web hosts and luckily, I found one that fits my requirements and of course, budget.

So here’s for a more cheerful and enterprising day ahead.