Alive..Part 2.

Howdy again!

I’m not repeating my previous post but it seems I’m inclined to say the same old “hello, I’m still here..alive and kicking” phrase again as I reverted back to hibernation mode right after publishing that post. I know I’m getting such a lousy blogger recently; have nothing to blame but my very own self. I’m still needing some motivation to perk me up. There are lots of stories and recent happenings to blog fact, sa dami nila, nakakalimutan ko na or sometimes, my mind is debating which to make a draft of first until I totally lose all the drive to blog and just play Bejeweled Blitz, Barn Buddy, Rollercoaster Kingdom or just browse FB instead.

Hopefully, I am starting my blogging life this week right with this post as I’ve just finished all of my pending online tasks, too. I wish that this will spark my mood and start blogging about real life updates that I’ve been putting off for so long.