Tips on Trimming Down Your Grocery Bill.

We do our grocery shopping every two weeks (twice a month) and it’s just quite surprising how “fat” the grocery bill can become no matter how hard you try to scrimp. Inflation is such a painful word to every household. Here are a few tips I got on how to trim down the grocery bill with regards to eating, cooking and shopping without compromising your health.

1. Buy in bulk
Buying grains, cereals, dried beans, nuts, and seeds in bulk can save you a whole lot of cash.

2. Clear out your freezer
Look for bargain buys. If you find a great deal on meat, for example, buy a bunch of chicken breasts (make sure they haven’t passed the “sell-by” date) and either freeze in the original packaging or rewrap and seal.

3. Go whole. Yes, instead of buying rice by the kilo, why not go for the sacked 10, 25 or 50 kilo.