Swept Away.

I can’t help it but watching this music video made my day. It definitely brought a smile to my face as I reminisce one of the most exciting moments of my life…and that is my pregnancy with Asher.

Science have it that emotions are raging during pregnancy because of the surging hormones. You can easily get mad but you can easily get smitten too by simple things. This song, albeit an oldie, exalted me high then. During those times that I was on bed rest, my windows media player has nothing on its playlist but this and other Christopher Cross songs. I just love the rhythm and his soothing voice. I won’t wonder if this will sound familiar to Asher now if I play this because this has been part of our music bonding experience when he was still inside my womb.

Speaking of pregnancy, mine was a rollercoaster one. I had a low lying placenta early on so I was given duvadilan and duphaston on my first trimester. My morning sickness was terrible. In fact, the term “All Day Sickness” is more apt. I had two spotting and bleeding episodes during my mid-trimester thereby, forcing me to take a leave from work and was subjected to a complete bedrest. It helps that there are pregnancy and parenting resources online such as Gurgle that I can easily refer to whenever I have doubts and concerns. Then of course, the labor part was the toughest all. I never imagined that I can endure 19 long hours of labor as it took my son a while before he decided to come out. Nevertheless, hard as it was, pregnancy, which is the take off stage to motherhood was the best thing that ever happened to me. We fervently waited for so long and just like anyone who’s blessed with a gift he’s been longing to have for quite some time, the feeling of contentment is unimaginable. Every day, week and month that pass, my heart goes bigger and bigger too for the little being inside me. I closely monitored my Pregnancy week by week, even blogging about the weekly updates I got from a pregnancy resource.

And now as I look at my little toddler now with Swept Away playing on the background, I can’t help but be enamored by the overwhelming feeling of motherhood. Truly, I am SWEPT AWAY.

Now, are you still wondering why this blog has the same title as that song?