House Plans Update.

I haven’t updated for a while regarding our long term mansion project. There will be major changes in our current setup happening soon and that I will have to blog as they happen. Meanwhile, there have also been adjustments in our house hunt plans. Instead of hunting and buying a townhouse, we realized that it’s much more practical and advantageous if we’ll buy a lot first especially that we’re uncertain of next year’s fate. Then after a while we could save for some more time for the house construction consequently. What’s exciting about this is that we can have the house of our dreams according to our own preference, according to our own design. It’s no grand or extravagant with a pool house such as below (but it would be lovely though especially if there’s a garden specifically designed by a boston landscaping expert). In fact, just a small simple one enough to serve as a starter for a small family such as ours will do. There are lots of possibilities actually and we’re sincerely praying that He will direct us to the right path.

pool housepool house 2

Just the picture perfect for a relaxing and magnificent pool house. From the interiors to the exteriors, every detail was very well thought of and artistically designed.

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