I’ve never felt so focused and goal driven as now. Finally, I can now say we’re taking steps towards the fulfillment of one of our long term goals: regarding our living setup and the so called “mansion project”. Major changes are happening real soon I’m so looking forward to it. We’re unsure still of our next year’s fate (re: hubby’s work assignment) but at least we now have our back up plans if in case, that doesn’t push through.

By the way, I haven’t shared for a while updates regarding the house hunt. Well, we’re doing some major changes as we are not looking for a townhouse or a ready made house anymore. We’ve agreed that we’ll go look for a lot first. We’ve weighed our options and calculated the costs that would be entailed of both and we find that buying a lot first comes in more beneficial and cost effective if I may add than buying a ready made one. Our costing research surprised us though because construction materials nowadays have skyrocketed that much. That’s why for some, using Temporary Walls NYC are the wisest thing to have. These are pressurized wall systems that create temporary (or you can even have them permanently) additional space or rooms in a house. No nails or screws damage to the floor or ceiling and what you’ll have is a brand new, freshly painted, high quality wall partition blending just perfect with the architecture and design of the apartment.

But anyway, it’s too early for us to think about the construction costs. For now, what we need to focus on is to research and exhaust means to find that perfect lot for us.