Finger’ Lickin BEST (Not Just Good).

KFC, is undoubtedly my all time favorite fast food. I can’t recall when this craziness actually started but if my memory serves me right, it was the time when they started offering unlimited gravy and their hot and spicy chicken made more crispier. It’s also amusing to share that KFC played a huge part when hubby and I were just starting our relationship way back college days. It was also that time when our bodies were at our biggest and chunkiest. My feasting of two cups of rice and 1 big part of hot and crispy chicken (sometimes two) weighed me at my heaviest which was at 105 lbs. My average prior to that was just 90 lbs – I have always been on the lighter and skinny side since childhood. On the other hand, hubby feasted on three cups of rice almost everyday for lunch at KFC Nagtahan where we pass by before he drives me home. We were so voracious and yes, we were that fascinated over KFC that we can crave for it that frequent. I cared less if I ballooned since that was really my intention having been always on the skinny side…top diet pills were not on my thoughts unlike most of my classmates then who were so conscious of their figure and weight. Hubby didn’t have issues..he just shrugged off the remarks. He later on lost much weight during his review for the ECE bar exam.

Speaking of KFC, they scored great free advertising when Magic Johnson mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken in his tribute to Michael Jackson in the Memorial Service held for the King of Pop. 31+++ million of TV viewers in the US (according to Nielsen Company) plus million of viewers worldwide and millions more of viewers who watched the livestream on the internet. Wow KFC certainly saved millions for that advertising. Here’s a video of that part of Magic’s tribute:

See even the King of Pop loves KFC!

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