As a Mom, What Can’t You Live Without?

Litzie asks…

We have blush, lip glosses or a hair brush that we can’t live without as a woman but I have a question and a tag actually to all Moms out there.

As a Mom, What are the top 5 Things You Just Can’t Live Without When Going Out with Your Kid/s and why?

Here are the things that you can find inside Asher’s diaper bag. I can’t come up with the top 5 because all these are a must. Sometimes we have a tendency to overpack but I always say “di baleng sobra at mabigat, wag lang wala or magkulang” with Asher’s stuffs.

1. 2-3 pcs of diapers, wipes and anti rash diaper cream
2. Feeding bottles with water and milk
3. Alcohol
4. Extra set of clothes
5. Biscuits
6. Baby leg warmers
7. Towels and cloth diapers (lampin)
8. Baby Record Book
9. Fan
10. Bioneem Insect Repellant
11. His favorite book or a toy


  1. Trixie says:

    Hi Mai, I\’m one of your readers and I came across your blog before thru my officemate Berna who\’s your friend. Just want to ask where do you buy the Bioneem Insect Repellant? Favorite kasi ng lamok ang baby ko and my pedia said na yun lang ang ok iapply. the rest of the insect repellant daw is not ogod for them. Thanks!

  2. Mai says:

    Hi Trixie! Thanks for reading my blog. Yup, Bioneem is great kasi organic kaya non toxic siya. We bought it from my son’s pediatrician..di nga daw siya available sa local drugstores natin. Aside from the insect repellant lotion, meron din siyang kasamang cream na inaapply for bites..super effective pati ako gumagamit. I’ll check with the pedia where else you may possibly order. :)

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