A Stress-free Weekend, I hope.

Thank God it’s finally friday!

This week’s over and we can finally enjoy a, hopefully, stress-free weekend. A stormy one but it’s okay, I am enjoying the cool weather..it soothes and relaxes my troubled self. Classes are suspended in schools and in government offices because of the heavy rains and flooding and here’s a wishful thinking that private companies follow suit so the husband can have time to take a complete rest. Asa pa ako! My Facebook wall wrote last night: “Single mom/OFW wife mode on again..” Because for the 8th consecutive night, he went home late from work. He arrived at past 12 midnight. :sigh: I pray that this so-called “build phase” on their project will soon be over. He says that they only got until next week to finish all these so hopefully by the week after next week, he can go home a lot earlier as he used to so I won’t have to eat my dinner alone anymore. Even the little one misses him so much. He goes home to a sleeping Asher na kasi so the only bonding time they got is a 1-hour or even less playing time in the morning as the husband prepares for work ulit. I just know how Asher misses him because at random times of the day, the little one would babble “di di” and points to my laptop as he asks that he be seated on my lap. Interpretation: he wants to see his daddy’s picture on the web. Then ayun, once he sees it, a delighted smile covers his face as he repeatedly babble “di di di di”.

SO there, I’m really looking forward to a wonderful and meaningful weekend ahead. I’m praying for Mr. Sun to appear on Sunday because the Daddy promised the little one a treat.