Where We Were on Father’s Day.

Let the pictures do the talking first…

Tokyo Cafe Asher's Corn Soup DSC_1951 DSC_1964 DSC_1944DSC_1945 DSC_1977 Blueberry Cheesecake DSC_1974 DSC_1981

When we set out last Sunday for lunch, we didn’t have any particular resto yet in mind because we were unsure of the choices we have at The Block. And as expected for special occasions like Father’s Day, the restos we have in mind were all jampacked. We passed by Tokyo Cafe at the second level and when we noticed that the waiting line outside was shorter compared the previous we passed by, we settled to eat there. I remembered my twitter bebot friends’ and Litzie’s blog raves about Tokyo Cafe when they tried this during the recent meetup at MOA of which I wasn’t able to join because Asher got sick. Their review was enough for me to convince that we give it a try too. We had Garlic Cream Hamburg, the regular hamburg variant, a spicy chicken dish the name of which I forgot to take note of, blueberry cheesecake and banana chocolate parfait for dessert. Our tummies were overly delighted and our pockets, too. Super busog. Hubby got a new pair of slip on sandals and his fave S’mores Cake from Red Ribbon for merienda as his gifts.

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