Running Out of Ideas.

The husband always gets a good surprise from me when there’s an occasion. However, last Father’s day, I guiltily wasn’t able to come up with a unique one because with all honesty, I ran out of ideas. Weeks earlier, I’ve scoured the web for possible gifts. I was even close to getting him cheap airsoft guns to replace his good old pellet gun he still keeps.’s wide array of airsoft gears and supplies are just amazing. They carry the best brands and complete line of Air Soft and Air Guns from spring pistols to high end AEG’s, rechargeable batteries, safety glasses, battery chargers and biodegradable bb’s. Their retailer prices we’re really tempting that I almost hit the checkout button at once. Later I recalled that he’s been wishing for a pair of And 1 or any branded durable slip ons…so that’s what we just bought last Sunday and gave him instead.