Long Weekend.

Thank God it’s finally weekend.  Life was overly busy this week. While the heavy rains are pouring outside, work is flooding me too online…and I’m thankful for that even though it’s tiring and nerve-wracking. God must have heard my prayers and mantra last week about the mansion project. However, working in front of the puter for most hours of the day must have taken its toll on me last night. Migraine attacked me and so I decided to take a break and retired early last night.

Hubby is taking a day off from work on Monday. We don’t have plans yet for this long weekend but with the weather, perhaps we’ll just be confined at home. Actually hubby is taking a leave just to use up his earned Vacation Leave credits which will be forfeited if not used until the end of their fiscal year on September. Yes, he’ll be on leave, technically, but I’m sure he’ll sneak a few hours on Monday to check work mails and other stuffs. That’s one advantage of having a Hosted Exchange for office e-mails. He can check anytime at home his email and check out his subordinates even when he’s on leave.

As for Asher, he’ll definitely be happy because he has the whole Monday to spend and bond with Daddy.