House Hunt Updates.

house hunt

Actually, I don’t have much to share. In fact, we haven’t even laid out the concrete plans/phases that Paul and I agreed to do so we can see our race progress towards that ultimate finish line. But we’ve started searching online and offline for possible leads. We’ve scouted one in Heroes Hills (just a few blocks away from in-laws) and instantly, we were fascinated by the house, its exterior design, and its strategic location. It’s the middle of a three brand new townhouse units and it’s the only one left unoccupied. We haven’t seen the interiors and the floor plan but instantly, it became our “crush” and every time we passed by, we would call it “our future”. However, we were dismayed upon hearing its cost. It’s double of what we can just afford. So as my twittermate (and cousin-in-law) Joy, who’s been also house hunting, puts it: “Welcome to the world of broken dreams”.
house hunt 2

But I’m not hopeless yet. For the mean time, I’ll just continue on what I’ve started…that is, help the husband to save more for the project. Who knows, “future” can indeed be our “future home”. And by saving, it means: search for more work opportunities online, continue to tighten our belts and scrimp on shopping which is one of my therapies. So just imagine how heartbreaking it is for me to browse my friends’ shops at flickr and read on how my online pals yell “SOLD’ on those fabulous watches and bags while I just sigh and leave the sites empty-handed. My email has been getting newsletters about sales everywhere: clothes, baby stuffs and even irresistible tv deals and other electronic gadgets sale alerts. They’re all so tempting however, we have to set our priorities straight. After all, this is for our own good and future. I’ll just wait for my Dad and stepmom next year who frequently give me and my siblings those Coach and Liz Claiborne bags from Saudi as their “pasalubongs” to us. Haha! Nagpaparinig.

More importantly, I have to learn the virtue of temperance…self-control…sobriety…that these material things just bring pleasure…and not necessarily happiness.