Bee Happy.

The other weekend, Asher was invited again to another birthday party. This time it’s a cousin’s party and was held at Jollibee Manggahan. The whole family trooped to Pasig and joined the fun at Jonax’s Jollitown party. Jollibee is Asher’s newly found best friend. He likes Mcdo but I noticed he’s more keen towards Jollibee’s commercials and pictures. He calls him “dee” most of the time (sounds like bee) or “Ja” sometimes for the first syllable. So just imagine how delighted Asher was and how fast he ran towards the big Jollibee stand by the store’s door. He was so excited to see it that he’s tapping each lower body part so hard – his foot, his belly and his butt – that parts that he can just reach. Asher was his usual over likot self all throughout the party, danced to the music, played with cousin Kylie, and enjoyed eating his spaghetti. We even cheered for his Daddy who joined the games for the adults. Ang galing talaga gumiling ni Daddy, Haha! I was excited on the part when the mascots will enter and entertain the kids. But lo and behold, Asher threw a fit and he was so scared upon seeing the big moving Jollibee mascot coming in! Now I figured, he just wants a still one. He likes looking at him but we have to keep a distance or else, he would really wail so loud. For a while, I thought it was the end of the world when he felt Jollibee touching his head that he let out a very loud shriek, tears flooding his eyes and was tightly clinging to me. So there..instead of “bee happy” naging “bee unhappy” si Asher. LOL.

DSC_1836 DSC_1847 DSC_1878 DSC_1890 DSC_1898 DSC_1902 DSC_1903 We have to keep a distance. Or else, ngawa to the max. Sige kaya mo yan Asher...pagsubok lamang yan. Huwaaaaa!


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