The Laiya Experience.

My in-laws are a family of jetsetters and every vacation, we always have an out of town excursion set. Last year we trooped to Subic so for this summer my sister-in-law (SIL) opted to go somewhere south and was scheduled last May 9-10 in time of the Mother’s Day celebration as well.

Road trip. On our way to laiya 5/9.

We boarded the van and set off from Frisco at about 9 AM. As expected, the SLEX road re-construction plus getting lost en route to San Juan, Batangas slowed down our supposedly about 4 hours of travel time. We had our lunch at Mcdonald’s Rosario then proceeded until we touched down at Casa Remo by 3 PM. According to my SIL, all the resorts she contacted some time April were all fully booked on May 9-10 except for Casa Remo Apartelle so that’s where we stayed. It is just very near Kabayan Beach Resort, a few meters away from the beach and for the simple, less extravagant lodgers such as us, the overnight casa rental fee for 7 adults, 1 kid and 2 babies was just reasonable. A lot cheaper than those nearby well-known resorts along the Laiya strip. Our room has 2 queen sized beds, 1 big matress and 2 smaller matresses. It has a common kitchen and dining area fronting the apartment-style lodges, but too bad, we didn’t bring along our own food (except junk foods and drinks)..our Saturday dinner could have been a lot better. Anyway, more on to that later.

We rested a bit in our casa after settling down our things. Cousins Kylie and Kuya Miggy right away readied for a swim while Asher had some photoshoot first.

At Casa Remo..resting from a 5-hr long drive. Smile Asher! Reading his Lift-the-flap Book (Alpha, how much lahat-lahat?) Asher and his "buh".

We headed to the beach (a 2-minute walk from Casa Remo) at 4 PM. The weather was just fine. My ideal weather for a swim actually. Not too sunny but it wasn’t that gloomy neither…a bit cloudy so Mr Sun was just all along peeping beneath the white puffy clouds. As expected, Asher had to initially warm up a bit…he didn’t want to step on the sand, got scared of the waves, perhaps surprised by the cool water but after a while and when he got the “feel” of the beach, he was unstoppable. He loved riding his inflatable boat and ring, enjoyed the waves with his Daddy and yayay, had fun playing his beach toys and the sand and even watched in delight those girls playing Frisbee nearby. He was even unmindful of the stones and coarse particles lining the shoreline that touched his feet. Water baby talaga. As for me, I didn’t swim that long..I wasn’t so in the mood to do so. I just toyed Nikky, taking pics of everything and everyone specially Asher and helped Asher’s yayay collect hermit crabs. Kulit ng trip. LOL.

Kabundukan ng Batangas at Quezon. Laiya...medyo maraming tao. Panahon kasi ng company outings. Oooppss..mukhang di pa okay. Ayaw na paawat. DSC_0858 DSC_0819 Mini sandbar. Pwedeng-pwede magcross.

We packed up when it started to rain. Asher had enough time in the water naman na so we headed back to the resort to fix ourselves in time for dinner. The heavy rains started to pour at about 6:30 PM. Then that’s when our little adventure started. BIL, hubby and I, escorted with a huuuge picnic umbrella by a Casa Remo attendant, braved the flood (yes meron talaga as in ang lakas pa ng current) and checked the two eateries nearby to buy our dinner. Unfortunately, they were both closed already as one eatery’s cook wasn’t able to come due to the very heavy rains. We retreated to our room all wet and cold and decided that we drive the van and just check the highway for open restaurants and order for take out. Imagine driving on a rainy night along a very dark provincial highway, no lamp posts and only the headlight and the lightning guides your way, with thick trees on the side and very scarce houses, no other vehicles on the road except yours on a very wet and slippery road? Worse and to frighten us more, we passed by two funeral parlors and one chapel having a burol. Scary and creepy talaga. Scenes from the horror tv flick Nasaan Ka Maruja we watched earlier that noon crept us even more. Yes, that’s how we braved the road just to find a resto but to no avail, we didn’t find any. Ang ending, we had a Lucky Me Bulalo bought from a nearby convenience store (kanto lang ng Casa Remo) for dinner after driving 5 kms away. We envied our neighbor lodgers who had lechon, barbeque and lots of baon for feasting that night (with matching videoke pa) in the common dining area. The grill was just in front of our casa so just imagine how we enviously savored the aroma of the barbecue while we eat our hot noodles and bread. Wawa naman. If I had known that we can bring our own food, I would have suggested to my in laws that we did so. Hubby and I had gone once at Laiya (Virgin Beach Resort) and we’re a bit familiar of the place (not much eateries around). At any rate, we survived the Saturday night with just a Lucky Me noodles for dinner. 😀

We woke up to a sunny morning the next day. I was awakened by the husband and Asher greeting and kissing me Happy Mother’s Day. Then they handed me their gift which is a Three Stars and a Sun black tee. Nice nice! I love it. I’ll wear it this coming weekend. We took our breakfast (bread and palaman) then killed time by swimming again in the beach. I took some more shots but unfortunately Nikky’s battery died on me so I just had a few shots on our Sunday swim. Remember the sandbar pic I posted above, it has become to this the next day…a wide and deep river. It’s my first time to see a river ending to an ocean.

Saturday this was just a sandbar. Sunday, naging mini river. Malalim yan. The heavy rains the night before caused this. Naging river.

It started to rain again that morning so off we went back to our room and prepared to check out. We waited for my SIL’s family to finish packing up and at this point, we were all so hungry. It has been 24 hours already since our last rice intake so just imagine how our tummies madly grumbled. We checked out at about 12 noon, set out on the road then had our Chowking lunch at Lipa City at 2 PM. And because I was so hungry, I ordered the breaded pork lauriat meal and siomai. Yummy! Happy Mother’s Day to me. LOL.

We arrived at Frisco at 5 PM. The drive back home was an hour faster because SLEX traffic going to Manila is a little bit lighter.

Despite the long and tiring drive, getting lost along the way, no dinner, and brownout (it did for a few minutes in the wee hours of Sunday morning), I still had a blast with our Laiya getaway because I was with my boys. And that alone, is a very pleasant mother’s day gift for me. :)


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