Dextroscoliotic Me.

Litzie and I were having a sort of mini-chat session at Kathy’s flickr shot of the Avent bottles she ordered recently. Our exchange of comments led to other interesting topics like scoliosis (of which I have) and even hayden kho’s videos. It’s just hilarious because no matter what topic and where our stories lead us, we always try to relate it to the original one which is the feeding bottle. A good laugh indeed and just what I need this morning to amuse my moody self.

Anyway, speaking of scoliosis, I suddenly remembered about my dextroscoliosis and I wonder how bad it is now or has it got better. Dextroscoliosis is a type where the curvature of the lower spine is towards to the right. I am not exactly sure when did I start to have this as I learned about it just when I had my pre-employment exam at Globe Telecom. I then realized that I could have acquired during my stint with Contactpoint wherein I didn’t have a comfy and ergonomic work station. My table and chair weren’t correctly aligned so for a year, I’m seated with a tilted body facing to the right. Ever since, I occasionally experience lower back pains but I thought it’s just attributed to pre-menstrual symptoms or just exhaustion and stress. I didn’t know that it’s something else. Anyway, the doctor said that it’s nothing serious and it can still be treated through exercise and practicing good posture at all times. Using a good mattress is also necessary because it could make it worse if it’s too soft or too hard. He suggested the use of a sleep number bed. We have tried looking for one before but unfortunately, the local ones available are just so pricey. I should have scoured and ordered online. About the exercise thing, well, that I think is where I’m going to fail. I just hope that it hasn’t got worse in the past years. Hehe!